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Gluten- Free Princess backstage at the Dr. Oz show.

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My name is Tia D. Rudd and I’m known as the Gluten-Free Princess, join me on my adventures to bring you the best gluten-free lifestyle tips, beauty products, restaurant options, and more!

In July of 2012 my life changed forever.  I became really weak, super moody, and just really a Debbie Downer to be around. Even though I worked out 4-5 times a week and I mean hardcore worked out I saw no progress, I just kept gaining weight.  I was constantly bloated and always tired.  I noticed something was going on with my body and it wasn’t good. As a television producer I just could not afford to become ill.  I live a very active lifestyle,always on the road traveling and working so my health is extremely important to me.

One day I ended up in the ER, my body had completely shut down!  After several blood test  it was determined that I was a severe anemic; on a scale from 1-12 if your blood level is below 7 you are considered anemic… well mine was a 3.4  I was a walking zombie!  Then the doctor handed me a stack of papers and that’s the moment that changed my life forever. He said “Ms. Rudd you have severe food allergies.”  My allergies were listed in order of severity from highest to lowest.  At the top of the list WHEAT, BARLEY and RYE were listed followed by chocolate  ( yes you read that correctly I am allergic to chocolate… stop panicking… life still goes on LOL)  I questioned what was I going to eat, how was I supposed to survive… off air?  I mean pretty much everything in the grocery store contains gluten.  My physician then explained to me that my gluten allergy was so serious that if I didn’t make a lifestyle change there was a strong possibility that eventually I would be diagnosed with Celiac Disease…. My eyes almost popped out of my head!  

So I had to say Bon Voyage to everything gluten that I loved! IT WAS NOT EASY!

   Holidays and birthday parties were always the worst!  I spent a lot of time clueless about how many great Gluten-Free products were on the market.  I had no clue where to start! It seemed as though every aspect of my social life was affected dating, traveling, family dinners, girls night out, EVERYTHING!  I decided via my social media (@TTRUDDTV) two years ago to take everyone along this journey with me by hash tagging #glutenfreeprincess.  The response was overwhelming so many people were curious about my lifestyle change. 

I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I began to research & experiment with different gluten-free products day in and day out.  I was completely dedicated to learning all I could possibly learn about my condition and making the best out of the situation.   Once I learned how beneficial living a gluten-free lifestyle can be I became really passionate about it, and that’s why I am here… to help guide you through the transition and keep you motivated to live a healthy, fun, gluten-free lifestyle, while keeping a smile on your face 🙂  So I decided to create this site which will give you a transparent look into my life as The Gluten-Free Princess.


anti_no_gluten_mini_buttonWhat to expect!

  • Lots and Lots of Food!  Everything from my favorite gluten-free products to recipes.
  • Craziness… I mean ‘girls just wanna have fun!’
  • Health and Beauty Products
  • Lifestyle
  • Tons of FUNNY stuff! And of course as a television producer we’ve gotta talk entertainment right?  I mean duh!


My hope is to encourage and educate you on the gluten-free lifestyle, as well as, answer any questions you might have to the best of my ability.  By no means am I a doctor or a certified health coach nor do I consider myself an expert, but I can certainly share my personal journey with you!

 I hope you enjoy!



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