Tia’s Famous Gluten- Free Thanksgiving Stuffing

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We are only one day away from Thanksgiving!  I personally love hosting huge Thanksgiving dinners with tons of family and friends.  I take great joy in seeing everyone indulge in great conversation over a glass of wine and eventually slipping into a food coma!


Gluten- Free Princess Tia D. Rudd serves delicious gluten-free Thanksgiving Dinner. (2013)

Every year thousands of people embark on the journey of living a gluten-free life.  I cannot stress enough that Thanksgiving can be just as delicious gluten-free as it was before!  As a celiac I was determined to find the purrrrfect gluten-free cornbread stuffing.  After tasting several brands I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to add my own little twist, the brands were good but they weren’t great.  I wanted to have the same experience everyone else had on Thanksgiving.  Having the perfect Thanksgiving stuffing is a must.  Below is my stuffing recipe that had all my friends and family talking last year!



1 Onion

1 Bundle of Celery

1 Pack of fresh(not frozen) Italian Sausage ( I prefer turkey sausage and I like it spicy for a little kick)

2 Sticks of butter

1 Box of Glutino Cornbread Stuffing Mix

1 Carton of Chicken broth or stock

Prepare Glutino Cornbread Stuffing as directed on the box replace water with Chicken Broth or stock.  Chop up celery and onion and sauté with butter over low heat and combine Italian sausage.   Sauté just enough to lightly brown the sausage (the sausage will fully in the oven with the turkey)  Mix prepared Glutino cornbread stuffing with sausage, onions and celery in a bowl.  Add extra stick of butter in the bowl it will melt as you keep stirring.  Stuff your Turkey with the mixture and bake your Thanksgiving bird as usual! I promise you it is the best gluten-free stuffing on earth!  Definitely not the healthiest  but absolutely the most delicious!



Happy Thanksgiving!



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