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Today I would like to introduce you all to one of my new favorite products on the market!  I am a sucker for beautiful skin. If I can achieve beautiful skin in my home, and not have to spend tons of money in a spa then I’m all for it!  Especially if I can work and drink coffee while having a face mask work its magic I’m sold!


SHRAY has answered my prayers!   SHRAY is a Soft wool masks soaked in a silky serum designed to HYDRATE, repair, and boost your skin metabolism.  As we all know skin should always be hydrated,and especially with the cold weather approaching we will have to do our best to keep our skin beautiful.

Oh and guess what?  After you remove the mask you let your face sit for about 10 minutes to dry and it serves as a make-up Primer!!!!  How perfect, not only are you moisturizing your face you’re also prepping it for make-up!  Makes me so happy I love a 2 for 1 deal!

The great thing about SHRAY is that they offer three different face mask to choose from depending on your skin type.




Ms.Amazing Facial Mask

Function: Ms. Amazing is an ultra hydrating mask to quench thirsty,ragged, and dull skin. It contains Hyaluronate which is a natural phospholipid produced by the skin, which holds in water and plumps the surface.Ours is nano-sized for instant absorption. Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract is a pore tightener and helps control sebum production. Piper Methysticum Extract works under the skin to internally attract and hold moisture. Hydroxyethyl Urea is another natural moisturizer which helps seal in water and accelerate cell renewal. And finally, essential to hydration is Pure Water.

Doctor Recommendations: Sensitive, flaking and dry skin


Queen Bee Facial Mask   (My Personal Favorite!)

Take note from the ultimate Queen Bee, Cleopatra. This powerful woman kept up her disarmingly
beautiful looks with face masks made of raw honey. A soothing natural antibacterial, honey is ideal for preventing and squashing persistent pimples and redness. Apply this mask so you can continue being Queen Bee, blemish-free. 

Function: Queen Bee is used for acne prone skin. Honey Extract, a natural antibacterial, is abundant in vitamins and amino acids to calm inflammation and reduce redness.Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract is a pore tightener and helps control sebum production. Centella Asiatica Extractnourishes skin and quickens the healing process by increasing blood circulation and boosting cellular metabolism.

Doctor Recommendations: Dry or oily, irritated, blemish prone skin


Go- Getter Goddess Facial Mask


Aphrodite was one impressive goddess of love: stunning, powerful, and eternally youth
ful. The red rose was Aphrodite’s sacred plant—and for good reason. Rich in Vitamin C and full of antioxidants, roses protect skin cells from damage and help tighten pores for a youthful glow. Apply this mask so you can continue being a Go-Getter Goddess at any age.

Function: Go-Getter Goddess is used for thorough hydration of tired skin with potent anti-aging properties to give glowing results. It containsRose Oil to moisturize skin, ameliorate the aging effect, and boost new skin cell regeneration. Acerola Extract, a tropical plant, lightens dark spots from the sun or blemishes. Licorice Root Extract is a potent anti-inflammatory agent to smooth complexion and reduce redness and irritation.

Doctor Recommendations: Dry, sun-damaged, aging skin, aging  prevention



Here are my before, during, and after results 🙂


My skin looks much richer and hydrated ,now I have a perfect clean face ready for a beautiful make-up beat!  Last but not least this product definitely gets the stamp of approval from the Gluten-Free Princess because not only is it hydrating and a make-up primer but it is also Cruelty Free, Alcohol Free, Sulfate Free, and Parabean Free!

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