Sunday Sermon: Happiness Is A Choice!



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Happy Sunday!  Rarely do I ever post on Sunday, but I felt this message was necessary.  I like to keep things sweet & short  ( just like me)  so here we go!   Somewhere out there is someone in need of a spiritual recharge, I hope this blog provides you with the peace you are searching for, or perhaps it might serve as confirmation.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary Happiness is: 

1.  obsolete :  good fortune :  prosperity

a :  a state of well-being and contentment :  joy

b :  a pleasurable or satisfying experience

What Merriam – Webster Dictionary failed to tell you is that happiness is a choice.  I have heard numerous  people ask ” Why can’t I be happy?”  or my favorite ” When will I experience happiness?”
You will experience happiness when you have made the decision to be happy and operate from a positive mental state.  No one is responsible for your happiness except YOU!  You are where you are in life because of YOU.  Hard pill to swallow I know! (Drink a tall glass of water behind that .)
This week I would like to encourage everyone who reads this blog to operate in a complete state of joy and happiness, and watch the changes that occur in your life in just one week!  Only YOU have the power to change your environment no one owes you a thing.
Someone is not going to come to you on a white horse with a sword and rescue your heart.  You have got to save yourself from unhappiness.  If someone or something in your life is dragging you down get rid of it or them immediately. Everyone WILL NOT I repeat WILL NOT be happy for your happiness.  In the end you will be proud of yourself for taking control of your HAPPY!

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