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I don’t know about you but I love a good smoothie!  Recently I had the pleasure of coming across a tiny gem in New York City’s East Village called Pure Green.  It was love at first sight, and when I walked in I was pleasantly surprised to know that this was no average smoothie establishment.  PSX_20150929_121348For starters the customer service is amazing.  Everyone greets you with a cheerful smile and great energy.  I have been to this establishment three times and never had a bad experience.  My order was made to perfection and everything was handled with care.

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Banana Nut Smoothie

Secondly, (although it should be first)  everything is GLUTEN – FREE friendly as well as Dairy Free!  Not only does Pure Green serve delicious smoothies (my favorite is the Banana Nut and it is YUMMMMYYY,   also between you and I…I heard Mr.Big from Sex and the City stops in quite frequently to order this delicious smoothie) but they also offer tasty treats.


Acai Bowl

One of my favorites is the Acai Bowl.  Filled with Acai , chia seeds, berries, bananas, almond butter, and a little coconut on top to satisfy your sweet tooth.  All bowls are made fresh and to your liking.  In addition to the variety of Acai Bowls, there is also the option of indulging in some yummy Gluten-Free sweets.  My personal favorite is the Apple Cinnamon muffin!  I have had dreams about this muffin, it was love at first bite.  The huge Chocolate Chip cookies are so soft and sweet I was very impressed and the brownies melt right in your mouth.

Gluten- Free / Organic Treats
Gluten- Free / Organic Treats


Last but not least, the one thing that really made Pure Green one of my favorite New York City gems was the array of cold pressed juices they have to offer, so refreshing!  Pure Green also offers juicing cleanses which are awesome!  I did the 3 day cleanse and lost 4 pounds just like that.  They offer a variety of cleanses to choose from, everyone will find something to fit their lifestyle!  Please keep in mind you cannot buy these juices and just let them sit in your fridge as they all have a 3 day shelf life because they are completely organic with no HPP and Non- GMO.  It can’t get any more PURE than this !  🙂  ( The Soul Kick Juice is my fav!)


Pure Green Juices
Pure Green Juices

It feels good to have finally found a place that cares about your body just as much as you do, and AFFORDABLE.  If you live in the New York City Metro Area or just visiting the lovely Big Apple make sure to stop by and give it a try!  Tell them the Gluten-Free Princess sent you !




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