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As we all know having a gluten intolerance can have horrible effects on your skin.  For the past three years I have searched everywhere for skin care products that were suitable for my highly sensitive skin.  About three weeks ago I came across PURE SKN  Clean Cosmetics & Skin Care, and I must admit I was shocked.  I am not easily impressed with facial products … well let me rephrase that  statement  I am NEVER impressed with skin care products but I absolutely love this line.



Offering an array of products Pure SKN is a one stop shop for all of your natural, gluten-free, chemical -free skin care and cosmetic needs.  Usually I have horrible reactions to facial cleansers… a blemish here, a break out there, it’s never really a pleasant experience.  (Thank God for make-up)   The Pure SKN  facial cleaner is super gentle and removes all dirt .  Now if you are looking for a cleanser that creates a lot of suds on your face this is not the one.  It is a very gentle cleanser, which removes dirt effectively without the mask of suds.


Pure SKN Cleanser & Moisturizer
Pure SKN Cleanser & Moisturizer



The Pure Moisturizer is also wonderful.  It definitely is a bit thinner in the consistency than other moisturizers I have used.  I can appreciate that because it’s not heavy and the moisturizer allows the skin to breathe.



I am proud to say after  using Pure SKN my face is almost blemish free and clearing up super fast (2-3 weeks fast). Below are pics of my skin with and without make-up after using this product.  A girl can wear all the make-up in the world ,but  having beautiful skin does wonders for her confidence.



20141126_132507 With Make-up



Make sure to visit  and check out all of their wonderful products.




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