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GLUTEN FREE, 100% VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE, AND NPA CERTIFIED….. MAKEUP!   Yep you read that right.  Is it possible you can still glamorize your beautiful face with natural products?  YES IT IS!  At least with Gabriel Cosmetics it is.

For the past month I have been experimenting with Gabriel Cosmetics, ZUZU Luxe line and I have fallen in love with every single product I have used.  Not only am I a fan because the line is gluten-free, but, I am also a fan because I am able to achieve a beautiful clean flawless look.




As we all know a lot of cosmetic companies that claim to be ” natural/ organic”  unfortunately have products that don’t last more than a couple of hours.  That can be very aggravating for women on the move.  Applying make-up in the morning can be a process and time consuming, no woman wants to continuously apply an entire face of make up every hour… it’s too much work.  With Gabriel Cosmetics I didn’t have to re-apply at all.  Maybe a touch up here and there which is normal, but overall the products are great and have staying power!  If you frequent my blog you know I am a television producer and actress, so make-up is a part of my everyday life.  Please believe me if I am recommending a product to you it is  EVERYTHING!  The princess does not play with her face.  Below are some of the products that I recommend.


Z_Onyx-WEBZUZU Luxe Mascara –  Ever have that mascara that you apply and then all of a sudden your eyes are burning and watering because of  the harsh chemicals that are in the product?  Well you definitely WILL NOT have that issue with this awesome Mascara.   Also I was very impressed with this product because I never had to deal with the nasty clumping of mascara! Flawless eyelashes with a couple of strokes!




ZUZU Luxe Mosaic Illuminator –  Want to achieve that smooth skin look without applying heavy liquid foundationsmosaic-illuminator-deep or thick powders to your precious skin?  If this is you then I HIGHLY recommend the ZUZU Luxe Mosiac Illuminator.  Sometimes I just want a super natural, clean look.  The Mosaic Illuminator brightens your natural complexion and before you know it you’re glowing.  Love this stuff.






ZUZU LUXE Liquid Eyeliner –

MY FAVORITE PRODUCT OF THEM ALL!   This liquid eyeliner is the truth honey!   It is everything (2 snaps and a circle).   I live for this liquid eyeliner.  Its just perfect everything from the variety of colors to smoothness of the product.  BEST liquid eyeliner I have EVER used.  I am signing off on this.  Seal of approval!  The princess never lies hunny trust me on this one!

Liquid Eyeliner

Gabriel Lipstick–   Feel like serving a little sexy full lip action to the masses with a variety of  colors, well here’s your Meritageproduct.  The staying power is awesome, I did not have to re-apply my lip color every 30 minutes.  I had dinner and cocktails with my girlfriends and my lip color stayed the entire time.  Impressive!






liquid-goldGabriel Liquid Radiance –   Don’t you just luv when you see celebrities serving glowy skin realness on the red carpet? With Gabriel Liquid Radiance,you can have the same glow to your skin.  You can apply this product to your bare skin for a little pick me up, as well as, apply to your body for a glow as well.  I’m excited to use this products for my beach days this summer.  If I want to go a day without wearing any make up at all I just apply the liquid radiance to my skin and pop on huge sunglasses. BOOM!  Glam under 30 seconds!


Thanks Gabriel for making wonderful products that the gluten-free crew can trust!  Love you for this!

P.S. isn’t he just adorable? xoxo





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