What NOT to Say When Dating a Celiac/Gluten Intolerant Person

***Warning this post is for Mature Readers ONLY***

It’s Thursday so I’m sure many of you are finalizing weekend plans…. many singles are receiving that annoying text message “Hey Stranger” or ” Oh you can’t call nobody?” (which is a huge mistake just pick up the phone)jerome on martin

Dating… le sigh… you know the social experiment everyone participates in with hopes of finding Mr or Mrs Right.  Some of us are blessed to find our lifetime partner; and others are still on the quest for true love. The-Notebook-A-Romantic-Love-Story-love-21203353-1920-816-810x344 I have to admit being a person who suffers from gluten intolerance / celiac disease  dating can be a little complicated at times.

Since my diagnosis in 2012 I have been on numerous dates only to be entertained by the responses I receive from the male species in regards to my gluten allergy.  Now ladies you are not off the hook either! I know for fact women have had….. ummmm…. shall we say less than intelligent responses to a man who is gluten intolerant/celiac, I can only imagine.

Tia The Gluten- Free Princess

Since there seems to be millions of clueless daters wondering around the universe with no guidance, I feel as though it is my responsibility to at least give you a little advice….. ” What NOT to Say When Dating a Celiac/ Gluten Intolerant Person”

1.  “Gluten-free what’s that?  Never heard of it before.”

Gluten-Free Princess Response:  Unless you’ve been under a rock  hibernating, how hbears-hibernationave you not heard of gluten-free?  I mean it’s okay to not understand what celiac or gluten intolerance is , we can work that out, but, you actually never heard of it?  Gluten- Free products are taking over every store in America.  Either you’re really aloof or  just part bear….. go back and keep hibernating.




2.)  Are condoms Gluten-Free?

Gluten-Free Princess:  Okay … believe it or not there have been quite a few debates about this.  I can only speak from mNoGloveWhitey personal experience.  I am a true supporter of the No Glove No Love movement (for those of you who don’t know what that means…. ” No condom No Sex)  I haven’t had any issues in this department ,but, ladies if your girl business is swelling up like  Finding Nemo’s face nemothen you need to get that handled.  Either way this should NOT be a topic of discussion for a while when dating. Get to know the person!  Gosh everyone is running a marathon for the next orgasm.  Relax…… Sex isn’t going anywhere… CALM  DOWN!   Seriously if you decided to be a fast ass on your first date remember safe sex is the best sex, wrap it up!



3.) ” I think this whole gluten thing is just in your head”

Gluten- Free Princess Response:  OH REALLY!! LOL … Is that what you think?  Tell that to my intestinal track.  Better yet we will see what you say when I eat gluten and start projectile vomiting like the little demonic girl in the Exorcist! Let’s not forget about the muffin top belly I will have from being bloated and horrible skin!  I bet that will turn you on !

austin powers


4.)  Oh wow you can’t eat wheat that sucks… (waitress brings over basket of bread)….. are you gonna have any bread?

Gluten-Free Princess:   Okay did I miss something?  I thought I just told you I can’t have wheat? I could have sworn we just had this conversation?  Bricantuh, everyone knows bread has wheat in it…. well everyone accept you .  I can’t I just can’t  My head hurts. 






I hope I have helped at least one person who intends on spending time with that special someone who suffers from Gluten Intolerance/ Celiac Disease.  Just do a little research before dating someone with this condition believe me he/she will appreciate it and I guarantee you there will be a next date!




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