College Talk: Universities That Offer Gluten-Free Dining

It’s that glorious time of the year for high school seniors everywhere! The college acceptance letters are rolling in, and, teenagers across America are deciding where they will spend the next four years of their life.  Of course this is an exciting time for all involved, but can be a bit frustrating for those who suffer from Celiac / Gluten Intolerance.

Unfortunately, gluten-free options are not available at every college/ university, but, have no fear the princess is here!  Below is a list of colleges/ universities that show luv to the gluten-free crew!




University of Connecticut–  Although I did not attend UCONN, Connecticut is my homestate and I have several friends and family memebers who has obtained their degree from this awesome institution; so it goes first on the list!  UCONN provides at least one gluten-free meal option on the menu everyday.  There is always access to a gluten- free designated area with other  options as well.


UC Davis –   Go Aggies!  Providing a great healthy dinning area. Catering to the gluten-free crew as well as vegetarians!  This is great!  No worries of having brain fog here.uc davies








iowaIowa State University –  Gluten-free dining is available in every dinning hall on campus to ensure all students have a great diet. Providing a designated area with its on refridgerator, freezer, untensil, and storage the university takes great pride in making sure all students with restricted diets feel comfortable while enjoying a tasty gluten-free dining experience.  Also, students are able to sign up for a individually made meals or sign up for the gluten-free meal schedule.










The University of Arizona – UA has a Gluten-Free club which is very active on campus and in the greater community.  Gluten-free students have the pleasure of watching  their meal being made to ensure no cross -contamination occurs.




  University of Notre Dame –  Notre Dame has some of the best accomidations in my opionion.  The gluten-free crew has a private dining area within the main dining area (sounds exclusive ohh la la ) ,  In order to gain access to the GF dining area you are required to meet with the school’s registered dietician to discuss options that are available to you. Once you are cleared everything you can ever imagine gluten-free is available to you!





Georgetown University –  Here at Georgetown the gluten-free crew has their own gluten-free station where they have a variety of food choices.   Everything is labeled with a GF label to avoid cross-contamination and ensure safety.


This is a very limited list of Universities & Colleges that provide gluten-free dining.  Please make sure to do your reasearch on the institution that you will be matriculating at.  College will be one of the best experiences in your life, and, you want to make sure your health is in tact so you don’t miss the beauty of making long lasting memories and friendships!


**All universities on this list have specifically trained their dining staff for food allergies.  **



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