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Nothing like waking up to the smell of bacon in the morning!bacon-picture-1  Some people love pork bacon, I prefer turkey bacon.  Whatever your preference is, it is important that you never make the mistake of buying bacon filled with the enemy… GLUTEN!  Below is a list of organic/ gluten-free bacon brands that you can fry up without worrying about your intestinal track being attacked!


Applegate turkey baconApplegate Farms –  I personally love this brand of bacon.  Usually very thick so you don’t need to cook a lot, and the shrinkage is minimum. Very tasty and minimal processing.   Applegate Farms offers both Pork and Turkey bacon.

colemanColeman Natural –  Coleman only offers pork bacon,so I am not able to tell you exactly how it taste.  But from what I hear its pretty darn good!  It you are a Coleman Natural Bacon lover please comment below and let me know your experience.  Hey, it’s Gluten Free so it’s gotta be great!

bar-s-baconBar S – Bar S offers both the classic pork  bacon and turkey bacon.  They also offer my favorite cut of bacon … THICK! All bacon is a little on the salty side, but, this bacon is definitely for the salt lover.


jones dairy farmJones Dairy Farm  Now I love Jones Dairy farm I actually had  their turkey bacon this morning with egg whites YUMMY!  This company went all out for the gluten-free crew!  Like a lot of the companies I have mentioned they offer both turkey and pork bacon.  Now here is the exciting part for all you porkies out there (porkies mean pork lovers) they offer slabs of bacon and Canadian bacon too! 






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