Royal Weekend Recap #1

Hola Luvies!   Hope you all enjoyed your weekend I sure did!

This past weekend I FINALLY had the chance to let my hair down a little and PARTAYYY!!! Most people think once you’re diagnosed with a gluten allergy life as you know it is over… NOT!   We can party and partake in libations just like everyone else.

My weekend started a bit early on Thursday evening, I attended my dear friend Jovan’s bridal shower in my home state Connecticut.  It was an absolutely beautiful shower with a gorgeous GLUTEN FILLED CAKE LOL (which of course I stayed far away from)20150326_205241  but that was okay because I enjoyed my bubbly aka champagne and a array of fruits and cheeses.   Champagne happens to be one of my favorite gluten-free beverages.  This event was very special to me because I played cupid and introduced The future Mr & Mrs Hill so needless to say I was elated!  Congrats Jovie!


Moving on… Friday evening my big sis Lenna happened to be in town from Atlanta for the weekend and it was my friend Monti’s birthday so of course we had to hit the streets of NYC for a good time.

IMG_20150328_1                                                                  Lenna, Tia (Gluten-Free Princess), Monti

Without hesitation I phoned my boo Kenya from she has the hookup at all the hottest spots in NYC and before I knew it we were partyiIMG_20150329_1ng the night away in VIP at SPACE IBIZA NYC.  Of course, when it comes time to order bottle service my friends always give me the side eye,because they know as a person who suffers from severe gluten allergies I can’t drink all alcohol.

Kenya (, Tia (Gluten-Free Princess)

For those of you who don’t know most vodkas on the market contain barley and barley is a big NO NO for the gluten-free crew.  There are gluten -free vodkas on the market which are great.  Friday night was definitely a CIROC kind of evening.


After the festivities we decided to indulge in a little late night grub at Cafeteria on 17th & 7thIMAG1763.  This is where it becomes a bit challenging being gluten-free.  A lot of restaurants offer gluten-free menus now but some are not there yet.  It is important that you know what you can and cannot eat do not rely on restaurants this is YOUR health and YOUR responsibility. Also, please ask your waiter about what gluten-free options the establishment might have to offer.  Thank God I am pretty good at knowing what I can and cannot have, it took me a long time to get to this point.  As I watched Kenya inhale her macaroni and cheese and Monti enjoy her birthday biscuit with green eggs and ham, I opted for arugula, grilled chicken and tomatoes with a side of sweet potato fries 🙂  It was ummm ummm good and definitely hit the spot.  IMAG1768_2


Now of course if you suffer from celiac disease I would not recommend that you dine at restaurants that aren’t celiac friendly.  I hope Cafeteria decides to eventually offer gluten-free macaroni and cheese that would be awesome.

I had a wonderful weekend and I  hope all of you did as well!  Maybe next weekend my recap will be about dating … you just never know 🙂  There is always something cray cray popping up in the life of The Gluten-Free Princess.



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