Gluten- Free Leprechaun Libations

Happy St. Patty’s Day luvies!  In honor of today’s celebrations, I decided to share some Gluten – Free beer choices.   Just because we are Gluten-Free doesn’t mean we can’t partake in the festivities!


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 Celia & Ipswich_0Celia Beer – If you like a little hint of spice in your beer then this is a excellent choice.

Steadfast Beer – This company offers a variety of flavors for the gluten – free beer lover.  Everything from a pumpkin spice to a nice sweet flavored beer.steadfast-beer-label-840x441   


estrella-daura-326Daura Beer –  Known as the world’s best gluten-free beer Daura has won several awards for its phenomenal taste! 

Omission Beer – I actually fell in love with this company!  The beer is full of flavor and they are extremely dedicated to making sure every batch of beer produced is tested for gluten levels.omission-lager-646

new-planet-raspberry-326New PlanetThis brand has become extremely popular. The most awesome thing about New Planet is when you purchase this beer you will also be helping our planet. The company is committed to donating a portion of the proceeds to keeping our beautiful earth green! 


When you visit your local pub today make sure to ask for one of the following beers and enjoy.  Just say no to barley!






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